Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Ben Barton has recently spoken about The Hospital in an interview with Gloom Cupboard editor Richard Wink:

Q) You are releasing a book titled ‘The Hospital’ this year chronicling your experiences on a NHS ward. I’m interested to know more about this and whether putting together this book was more difficult than other collections you have previously had published?

BB) It’s the most personal book I’ve written. It began when I was in hospital, back in 2002. I’d broken my legs so was bedridden, and tanked-up on intravenous morphine. So I just hallucinated and sweated for weeks, scribbling this mad account of what was happening on scraps of paper. The book is basically my diary of my time ‘inside’. The lack of soul in the place nearly killed me. And I saw some horrible things, so of course it’s been difficult – I guess that’s why it’s taken me six years to put it out there.

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