Tuesday, 23 September 2008


September has been super exciting for Roundeye and geography fans – ‘Uphill for Jesus’ has been screened all over the shop. The world premiere was provided by Rotoreliefs (London) @ the uber-cool Vibe – you should have been there daaaling - followed by a screening at the Collision Festival (also London) with the Exploding Cinema team. It was also selected as part of the Szeged Super 8 Festival (Hungary).

You can watch ‘the Jesus film’ (as we have come to call it in the Roundeye ‘Factory!) at upcoming screenings - both September 29th - at The Forest (Edinburgh) and also at the Over Exposure film night (Chorley). Now that's geography.

Uphill for Jesus’ is the first film to be publically shown from the ‘cinema of small gestures’ project, in case you didn't know.

More screenings are coming up – so boys and girls, watch this space please...

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