Monday, 25 May 2009


Yep, Ellen Love is the girl that just keeps on giving! The undead star of our underground offering The Return of Ellen Love, captured on super grainy super 8, is fast becoming our most popular personage to date!

The flick has been chosen as one of “the best films shown over the past six months” by The Pictures, London’s best subversive film night, and so is heading north for an offshoot event at The Bowery in Edinburgh.

This free night out is bolstered with free popcorn – so bring a date this Sunday May 31st at 5pm to The Bowery at the city's Roxy Art House.

P.S. We can’t even see the word ‘Bowery’ without thinking of the devilled demi-god of everything bad taste, Leigh Bowery, our idol, hero and favourite former resident of Sunshine. RIP Leigh x

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