Monday, 6 July 2009


The Roundeye films have found their natural home - screenings at music festivals!

Yes 'The Cinema of Small Gestures' - the swooping title for all the films directed by Ben Barton - have been very popular of late in the cinema tents of various fests from Athens to Cambridge.

The latest is the Workhouse Festival - a three-day event which runs from 10th to 12th July in Powys, Wales. They will be screening a hand-picked selection of the films, including The Return of Ellen Love, Uphill for Jesus and Insects.

This year the cinema tent promises "a variety of shorts, feature and documentary films from around the globe, offering a portal into new worlds from some of the best young, up-and-coming and radical film making talent."

For all the details, visit the Workhouse Festival website [HERE]
or read the BBC profile [HERE]

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