Monday, 21 September 2009


"Windsor" - It makes me think of two things... But this post has nothing to do with Babs losing her bra (cue Carry On-whistle noise), or dear old Liz on a throne covered in Corgi hair, but rather Arvo Pärt. Yes - that Arvo Pärt, the Estonian who's achieved a pinnacle of success that most composers have to die before they achieve.

'Pärt Visual' is an extra special event. Really. And probably one of the most exciting projects that Ben Barton's Roundeye films have been involved with. A brand new cut of Uphill for Jesus has been shortlisted for this film competition, part of this year's Windsor Festival.

As the films are projected in the cinema, they will be accompanied by live choral music from the Windsor Festival Singers.

Now in it's 40th year - the Windsor Festival brings together music, literature, film, walks and tours around the Queen's favourite castle and its environs.

The Pärt Visual event is being held at The Firestation, Windsor's newest arts space, offering an exciting line-up of events including cinema, live music, theatre, comedy, workshops, dance and exhibitions.

Here's the official blurb:

Pärt Visual is a very special performance and screening. We asked independent filmmakers to submit films to accompany choral works by celebrated Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, and these are the beautiful and breathtaking results. The evening’s films are accompanied by live performances by The Windsor Festival Singers and followed by the announcement of Critics Choice and Audience Award.

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