Tuesday, 6 October 2009


The filmic world of Ben Barton - crawling insects, ghost brides and the ever-present crucifix imagery - will be lighting-up the nocturnal cityscape of Leeds this Friday 9th October.

It's all part of the annual Light Night festival, in which 60 venues will throw open their doors from dusk until dawn for free arts performances, exhibitions, installations and activities.

Using high-end projection, the moving images of Roundeye will be projected onto the entire frontage of the Civic Hall building in Millennium Square throughout the night, beginning at 6pm. Curated by media arts organisation LUMEN, it has been planned as one of the central attractions of the festival.

This illuminating spectacular has been listed among the top 10 public art events in the world by the Telegraph Review. The festival is based on events such as the 'Nuit Blanche' in both Paris and Toronto, and 'Notte Bianca' in Como, Italy. And rumour has it that London may be following suit in 2010.

Around 500 artists and organisations are involved in this year's event, giving audiences the chance to see an exciting array of experimental contemporary media, animation and film from emerging artists across the UK and beyond.

The Civic Hall projection project is supported by Leeds Metropolitan University.

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