Saturday, 7 November 2009


We'd just returned from some tapas, funnily enough, so it was with belly's full of Spanish Shiraz when we found out that España loves us back! Why? because two of Ben Barton's finest cuts: The Return of Ellen Love and Uphill for Jesus have been selected for InCINEracion, Spain's long-running cult art film festival. [Myspace is HERE]

With a renowned penchant for super 8 film, this year's is the 14th edition of the festival, featuring the work of 21 artists from Spain, Argentina, Canada and the UK... and in our humble opinion the line-up is looking champion.

Our two flicks will be screened at the Elipa Cultural Centre, Madrid, on Tuesday 17th November
(earlier than originally advertised). Projections start at 7.30pm and entry is 100% gratis!

A big muchas gracias to Julio Juste for this one.

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