Friday, 1 January 2010


Well that decade flew by like shit off a shovel - and 2009 was the busiest yet for Ben Barton’s super 8 films.

In just 12 short months the Roundeye-produced creations were screened at 16 film festivals in cities from Budapest to Manchester and Madrid to Warsaw; at music festivals in Cambridge and Wales; cafes and bars in Edinburgh and Tokyo; universities and galleries in London and Liverpool; in a multiplex cinema in Brazil and ‘little’ cinemas in Berlin, Birmingham, Dublin, Norwich and San Francisco; projected onto buildings in Athens and Leeds; with a live choir in Windsor; at scary Halloween horror events in Brighton, Croydon and Huddersfield; and at many great underground film nights in Beijing, Canterbury, Luton,
Northampton, Nottingham, Preston and of course, London. LOTS of unspeakably cool nights in London.

None of this would be possible without the input of the informal Haus of Roundeye, an uber-talented bunch including the 'modelling' and vocals of Jennifer Harris, music of Robert Harris, styling of Scott Gibson and artwork of Mark Vanstone. So big love to all of them.

We’ve also shot our next film, Getting Ready, and are beginning the next one very soon. Oh, and all the current films have been picked-up by the BBC for their ‘Big Screen’ public screening project. Phew!

Not sure if we’ll beat our busy sophomore year that was 2009, but there’s already lots planned for 2010, and we’re keeping it all under our big shiny hat for now, but here’s a wee clue…

Look out for Jimmy D on the streets, and have a good one!

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