Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I personally believe that you haven’t made it as a poet until you’ve landed in the bargain bin, so you can imagine my absolute JOY when I discovered that Waterstones have finally put me there. A couple of my Red Books were stacked in the paper graveyard, thankfully looking very well thumbed and read – just the way I like it. They must have been on the shelf a good three years...

So what if no one decided to dig deep and buy these orphaned copies – they took the time to have a read – which is validation enough for me. Treat the large chain
bookshops like free libraries, that's what I say. For all their inflated prices they deserve it!

Now this creased copy is up for the grand total of 99p! Utter bargain! I was so happy I had to record the moment for posterity...

Sorry for the fuzzy snap – you know I’m a technophobe, and that includes newfangled camera-phones I’m afraid!

Ben Barton

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