Thursday, 18 March 2010


Yep, finally it’s here! Getting Ready directed by Ben Barton and starring Roundeye starlet Jennifer Harris, will soon be coming to an underground venue near you*.

In Getting Ready we peer into the mirror as a fading actress prepares for the greatest performance of her life – a star-studded suicide. After applying her make-up for the last time, she goes to bed with her pills and Champagne. In her final dream she returns to the stage – but are the standing ovations and roses real, or just an illusion?

Filmed in the old dressing rooms of Chatham’s Brook Theatre, this super 8 poem is an opus of Technicolor glamour and peacockish preening, à la Kenneth Anger’s classic avant-garde gem Puce Moment.

We’ve previewed a short one-minute version of the film (called ‘Adored’) a few times since Christmas, but the final cut has taken some jiggery and pokery to get right.
If it gets screened, you’ll be the first to know. Scout’s honour.

Thanks to Mr V for the film artwork.

*OK, nothing’s been confirmed yet, but we’re hopeful...

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