Saturday, 24 April 2010


Following the low-key premiere of Getting Ready on Wednesday, the latest Roundeye film is now off to London for the fantabulosa Queer As Film night.

The event is part of the London Independent Film Festival, and we’re honoured to be part of what has been dubbed ‘the best of the New British Queer Cinema’. Kudos indeed.

As the title suggests, all the films come from those within the exclusive friendship circle of Dorothy, so we’re looking forward to a camptastic event which promises ‘desperate visions, trash chic imaginings, video nasties and midnight movie epics’.

If this sounds like your cup of Earl Gay, why not head to Soho’s The Crown and Two Chairman on Dean Street, this Sunday at 7:30pm.

The line-up for the night is thus:

Diana’ - directed by Aleem Khan
Homoworld’ - directed by Max Barber
Greg and the Luck Factory’ - directed by Alan Friel
Notice’ - directed by Amy Hill
Getting Ready’ - directed by Ben Barton
Latecomers’ - directed by Olivia Humphreys

Be there or be... queer.

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