Sunday, 20 February 2011


Well you know even your own family think you're crazy when you get quizzed about this!

Yep, Folkestone has been abuzz this week with people gossiping about some grisly decapitated pigs' heads, which were supposedly planted on a grave by local artists. It's probably the most exciting event to happen here in around 800 years, so you can only imagine...

"When I first heard about it, I prayed it wasn't another one of your film projects" my mother-in-law said to me this afternoon. Well what do you make of that?!

Here's some of my fave extracts from the local rags...

TWO severed pigs' heads found in the grounds of a Folkestone church were left there by students on a photography course, police believe.

Passers-by were horrified to see the grisly art work last Wednesday morning. Local resident Lisa Challis said "I saw them on my way to work. They were real pigs' heads. It wasn't a pretty sight."

A police spokesman said "We have established that you can't actually buy pigs' heads from a butcher's shop, so they would have to have been ordered. [The artists] could have been more thoughtful about the impact on the local people who may have been passing buy. [sic]
You don't expect to find severed pigs' heads as you're walking past a church first thing in the morning."

That last line is my favourite - no shit!

You can read the articles in full [HERE] and [HERE] if you're so inclined.

So to answer anyone, including my own family, who are thinking this was some new Roundeye film, the answer is no!

...for what it's worth, I'd just like to say that all of the Roundeyes are vegetarian and support the work of PETA. So there!

Ciao art lovers.

Ben Barton

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