Monday, 24 May 2010


No, it has nothing to do with the incessant warblings of newly-preggars Celine, but rather a funky new film night, which is launching May 27th at the Achromat Gallery in Hove.

As you can see, ‘Near, Far, Wherever You Are’ is the curious title, and you lucky peeps can look forward to a hand-picked selection of short films, from documentaries, non-narrative work, video art, music videos and more... And yes, they will screening some of Benny B's fab super-8 films too...

So if any of you ‘popcorn loving film watchers willing to donate a few coins for drinks’ are interested, get your bums down to the gallery on Queens Place, Hove (near the Sussex County Cricket Ground) at 7pm this Thursday.

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