Thursday, 13 May 2010


Above are some (of the best) screenshots from the first reel to come back from the lab. Fantastic aren't they?

This 50ft reel of super-8 was supposed to be the romantic ending of our new Roundeye opus, 5,000 Miles From Hollywood. We hired the magically retro Silver Screen Cinema in Folkestone for the scenes - and Benny B and Jimmy D made great big tits out of themselves, praying to the icons of old Tinsletown and munching on popcorn all loved-up, and much more besides. But the sad sad thing is - you'll never get to see it!

Lab error, faulty film, broken camera - we don't know what's gone wrong here folks.
But we are crossing every crossable part of our bodies and hoping that the remaining three colour reels (currently at another lab) will be ok. So maybe we'll be able to salvage something and still have a film to show you... If not - suicide or something else suitably dramatic will be on the cards...

Please leave us alone to go have a wee cry.

See you soon.

The Roundeyes

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