Sunday, 17 July 2011


Fresh from it's premiere at the Folkestone Triennial 2011 last week - and now being broadcast on the short film television programme Ronke - we are now in the process of sending out the latest Roundeye film to a host of film festivals, screenings nights and art events all over the UK.

This one is a creepy take on Little Red Riding Hood - which combines elements of fairytales and horror to reveal something unexpected lurking in the forest...

As always - we really don't want to put the full film to view online. Why? Well because we want you to actually come watch our films with an audience, to get that crowd experience going, to get some alcohol into the mix (!) and to show you our work up on a big screen. Besides - it never looks that good all pixelated and juddery on a computer screen, does it?

That said - we will give you a little teaser trailer to feast your eyes on. So here goes... (but keep coming back for details of future screenings - we hope to see you there - in person!)

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