Tuesday, 12 July 2011


ronke (ron-kay) Chiefly Norwegian Vulgar Slang
vb (intr) to masturbate
n an instance of masturbating

Yes – apparently 'Ronke' is the Norwegian word for an old fashioned five-knuckle shuffle. But more importantly, it’s also the title of the best short film show on British television!

Broadcast most days on the channels Showcase and InformationTV, Ronke is now in its sixth year and promises "strange, unusual, funny, moving and always entertaining short films from around the world".

I’ve tried for ages to get some Roundeye films on the programme – and I’m thrilled to say that they have finally snapped-up two of our finest creations – Getting Ready and brand-new film Little Red – for the show TOMORROW NIGHT!

So PLEASE tune-in to Sky channel 166 tomorrow at 9.30pm to watch some real super-8 cine films on the small screen! It doesn't happen very often!

The screening will be the virtual premiere of Little Red – our scary version of Little Red Riding Hood - it’s only ever been screened once before, last week at my solo film show for the Folkestone Triennial.

So please tune in, or SkyPlus it, or whatever… super-8 is great!

How to watch ‘Ronke’ - this Wednesday 13th June at 9.30pm
- Sky viewers - turn to channel 166 - or channel 189 for the +1 version which runs an hour behind.
- Freesat viewers - click on channel 402.
- If you're outside the UK - the channel can be received via any satellite equipment pointing at the Astra/Eurobird complex at 28.2E using frequency 11.623 H, FEC 2/3, symbol rate 27500 and service ID 50880.
- Or if all that's a bit complicated (no shit!) - then just visit the website here and watch the channel's live online streaming - it's completely free!

If you miss tomorrow's show - fear not. Word on the street is that our films will be repeated quite a bit over the foreseeable future, so keep tuning in...

Ben Barton

P.S. Here’s the brand new poster for Little Red, btw. Artwork is courtesy of the ridiculously talented Mr V. Big love. x

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